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Experts on photography, music, cultural, adventure or history tours for all kind of groups (associations, universities, incentives, etc…). We create fully customized trips that make it the best experience for our customers, a trip you will never forget. We tailor the tour to suite your needs.

About Us

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”Mark Twain

Music tours

We plan music and cultural tours for small groups which provide travelers with experiences of the best classical music and opera combined with exclusive private recitals and behind-the-scenes access to the performance.








We listen to you and we design your travel dreams taking into account all your wishes. Are you interested in a particular route? Tell us about it and we’ll make it true.

To travel is to discover and learn from other cultures.

Our Destinations

Why Pannei?

We create unique experiences, we have the best guides that make the trip into a true cultural immersion. We include all carefully selected services and you don’t have to worry about anything but live in the moment. We always focuse on the details that make your trip special.

Doest it suite my Budget?

We always offer the best services that suit our travelers. If you have a limited budget, we will make the best deal quality guarantee.

In Pannei cheap doesn’t mean bad.

Advantages of a group tour?

Traveling alone is intense, but what about the group tour?

Group travel involves sharing experiences with people who share your own interests and, also important, minimise expenses. Forget about all the logistics and only focus on the experiences that you are gathering with your colleagues and friends.

The experiences bring us together.

What happens while I'm traveling?

We stay in touch all the way up to and throughout your trip, dealing with your requests and keeping you up to date with all you need to know to travel and ensure that everything is going perfect.

Is my trip programmed?

All trips are completely private.

Once we’ve got the information we need, we’ll put together a detailed plan of the ideal trip for you, based on your preferences and requests; from the most suitable destination to flights, accommodation, guides, etc, everything is selected to your taste and preferences. We handle all the details.

Can I travel alone?

Of course you can! Whether you are interested in a totally private trip for you or in joining a group, you can ask for all the information and we’ll offer the best proposal.


We have been practicing our travel philosophy for a long time: different experiences … different trips. Our guides are experts in the destinations we plan and we base our itineraries on the accumulated experience for years. We implement all the knowledge we have gained traveling and we will use it to make your trip unforgettable.

Before coming back… you will want to travel someplace else…

Our Experiences

Trip to Greece

Check out our destinations and requests information for your group. Tell us your wishes and we’ll customize the trip for you (itinerary, activities, visits, leisure time, etc…) based on your group’s priorities.

Personalized tours:

  • Request information for one of our destinations or send us your suggestion.
  • At your own peace: we design a trip elbow-to-elbow so you can choose the type of accommodation, transportation or any other things you can imagine.
  • The schedule is yours: Do you want a specific date? Just ask us, we will advise on the dates and the best times to visit any place.
  • No limitations: Traveling in a group is an advantage, but we can also arrange private tours for small groups in a more intimate atmosphere.
  • Adaptable price: Tell us what budget you have and we’ll adapt the trip within the possibilities of the group.



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